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Victor: China Team - 13p

Winner of King Tournament 2014 - Wang Yue

Starting with the 8th edition the Kings Tournament Romgaz changes its format. The Olympic Champions 2014 - the Chinese team - will visit Romania and play 4 matches against the Romanian Olympic team in a Scheveningen system (each player of one team plays each player of the other team). Then according to the standings after 4 rounds the best Chinese and Romanian players (those who scored the most points in their team) will play a match consisting of two rapid games. The winner of this match will be announced the victor of the 8th edition of Kings Tournament.


Each team will consist of four players:

The Chinese team: Wang Yue, Ni Hua, Wei Yi (all played in the Tromso Olympiad) and Lu Shanglei (World Champion Under 20).


The Romanian team: Lupulescu Constantin, Parligras Mircea-Emilian, Jianu Vlad-Cristian, Nevednichy Vladislav.


Tournament Schedule:



21 November - arrival day

22 November - opening ceremony

22 November - 9-rounds blitz tournament (in order to determine the board oder of each team) with participation of both teams plus 2 strongest Romanian juniors: Bogdan-Daniel Deac and Mihnea Costachi



23 November, 15:00 - round 1

24 November, 15:00 - round 2

25 November, 15:00 - round 3

26 November, 13:00 - round 4 followed by the final rapid match

26 November - closing ceremony

27 November - departure day