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Vassily Ivanchuk is at his fourth presence at Kings Tournamen. He won in 2009 at Bazna, and again in 2012 in Bucharest. This time beating the ex-champion Veselin Topalov, after tiebreaks.

Ivanchuk was born on March 18th 1969, in Kopychyntsy (URSS, today Ukraine). In 1987 he won the European Championship U18 at Groningen. Next year, he won his first olympic medal. His total is 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze  for URSS and Ukraine. He won also 4 individual medals, out of which one gold for first table in 2010.

He was always seen as a candidate for the world title. His closes shot was in 2002 when he lost the final in Moscova in favor of Ruslan Ponomariov. But he managed to win the Blitz World Champion Title in 2007 (Moscova) and Rapid World Championship in 2016 (Doha).

Other titles won include European Champion in Turkey (2004), and strog tournament in New York (1988), Linares (1991, 1995), Wijk aan Zee (1996), Aeroflot (2007), M-Tel Masters Sofia (2008), Mihail Tal Memorial – Moscov (2008), Capablanca Memorial – Havana (2010, 2012).